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Company Overview

Since the founding of National Felt Inc. in 1961, the company offers a wide range of products available in pads or rolls. In 1981, National Felt Inc. bought the marketing rights for the FLEX-XELTM process from an American company: Fiberlock Inc.


Flex-xelTM shoddy pads are manufactured for mattresses and rolls for upholstering. Acoustical underlays performs in floor industry. During summer time, the pool industry will also use underlays at the beginning of their installation to prevent premature liner wear and tear. The raw material to produce the shoddy pads is composed of material cuttings and remnants obtained from North American textile mills.


The manufacturing process makes use mostly of synthetic and natural fibers while respecting the environment. Recycling is also one of the main activities of National Felt Inc. by recovering large quantities of material that would normally be discarded and transforming it into versatile and economical products.

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